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Thread veins, broken veins or telangectasia are the small red or blue unsightly 'spider like' veins which can appear at various places on the body. They are extremely common and caused by a variety of factors including exposure to ultra violet light, wind and extremes of temperature.

Steroid creams and the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can also induce them.

For genetic reasons some individuals are more prone to develop thread veins than others and some people are more at risk because they have occupations where they stand for long periods. There is often an inherited component, for example, identical twins often have the same type of thread veins in the same areas of the body. If your parents have had thread veins, you can blame them.

The Cottage Surgery have historically used two main methods to treat thread veins - Veinwave™ and NLite V Laser therapy. Recent investment in a third laser means staff can treat a wider range of vein size and diameter. Combinations of these therapies may be offered in an attempt to achieve the best possible results.

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