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For over 21 years the ‘Gold Standard’ for the removal of unwanted amateur, and professional tattoos has been by the use of lasers. Whether complete removal is required, or just sufficient fading to allow for new tattoo art to be placed on top of old, all leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists regard Laser Tattoo Removal as the most superior and safest method currently available. 

Opening its doors for the first time in 1992, The Cottage Surgery has become the longest established Laser Tattoo Removal provider in the West Midlands and the third longest established in the UK. During that time laser practitioners have removed or faded thousands of black and multi-coloured tattoos utilising three purpose made, single task lasers, designed, built and maintained to the highest ‘medical grade’ standards.

The Q-Switched Ruby Laser uses the highest power output currently available and provides the most effective removal. A Q-Switched Nd-yag laser and a Q-Switched KTP laser are also available.

Highly experienced laser practitioners bring many years of combined expertise to bear, therefore providing the quickest most efficient tattoo removal. The Surgery is at the forefront of developing and introducing supplementary treatments to aid this process.

The recent influx of cheap, imported lasers, mean that some individuals now offer ‘low cost’ treatments. Inevitably the lasers used are underpowered and remove little or no ink at each sitting. The very best of them produce poor results and many recurring treatments are needed to have any significant effect.

Compare these to the type of lasers used at The Cottage Surgery and you will realise that overall, these ‘cheaper treatments’ will eventually cost much more. Add to this, increased travel costs as well as time wasted and you will realise ‘cheap tattoo removal’ is not a realistic option and those individuals that offer it are being less than honest regarding their success.

Beware also of other non-laser tattoo removal methods being offered, often on the internet. Some will definitely not work, others can do you real long term harm. We are happy to provide independent, confidential information.

Whilst confidently offering superior outcomes for Laser Tattoo Removal, The Cottage Surgery believe in providing these at competitive rates in a confidential and caring environment.

If you want safe, successful and cost effective treatment, there simply is no one else in the region to provide a better service.

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