Sun Damage for Men

Treatments for Men

Sun damage, also known as photo damage effects men as well as women. The damage can be either acute (as in sunburn or chronic) or seen as gradual changes in the skin, caused by the accumulation of sun exposure throughout one's life.

Chronic sun damage results in either a cosmetic change in the skin's appearance called photo ageing, or more serious medical and health concerns such as pre-cancerous lesions and skin cancers. The evidence is very strong that ultra-violet light is the cause of most of the changes that we consider to be associated with ageing of the skin.

Sunshine, although essential for health and well-being, is certainly hazardous to the skin. For many people it feels good to spend time outdoors and this makes it difficult to avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Most of the sun exposure we accumulate throughout life is thought to be made up of multiple short periods of time outside. If the ozone depletion continues this may also increase our lifetime exposure.

Those with occupations that require working outdoors are clearly at risk of photo damage. Activities such as skiing, sailing, and gardening can contribute to chronic photo damage. Even one-time sun exposure, causing a tan, results in damage to the skin.

There is no such thing as a 'safe' tan.

Individuals with fair skin are clearly at greater risk although sun damage can occur in all skin types. Tanning studios continue to thrive and their popularity adds to an accumulation of photo damage.

Reducing the effects of sun damage for men has been a very important area of development for The Cottage Surgery. Over the last 6 years they have evolved a proven regime of advanced clinical treatments and home care products which reverse existing skin damage and successfully slow down the skin’s ageing process.

Regular treatment of male patients has allowed staff at the Surgery to refine their approach and take into consideration that the male skin is typically not only thicker and deeper but also has stronger, more prolific muscle structure in the facial area.

Premature ageing of the skin caused by sun damage can often have a negative impact on careers, social life and self-image.

The Cottage Surgery has developed expertise in tailored combination therapies. Each Patient has a carefully crafted, unique personal programme devised for them. The programme will include three main elements: exfoliation, enhanced collagen stimulation and then protection from further premature ageing. 

The exfoliation module may include acid treatments such as glycolic, salicylic or TCA peels and/or microdermabrasion, using the widely acclaimed Salt A-Peel system. Collagen stimulation and protection from further premature ageing is achieved by NLite laser therapy and prescribed high calibre skin products. 

Each component is designed to stimulate fibroblast cells, responsible for the production of new collagen and elastin. They are each a powerful anti-ageing therapy in their own right but when combined in this unique, synergistic manner they will provide maximum collagen regeneration. Skin will appear, smoother, firmer and younger looking.  

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