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The Cottage Surgery is proud to be one of a very select few to not only possess but to have substantial experience of using a Phyback machine (PBK) to treat pain.

This technology is usually only found within the realms of advanced sports injury centres, Professional Football Clubs, Rugby Clubs and similar high impact sports organisations where frequent injuries can occur. 

The PBK stimulates the body’s own repair mechanism to commence the healing process in the area where it has stopped doing so or, it accelerates an existing healing process.  

With advanced training having been provided directly by the manufacturer’s own sports scientists at their base in Italy, staff at the Surgery are able to both bring relief from pain and, enhance regeneration of nerves and tissues for conditions such as sciatica, arthritis and rheumatism to name but a few.

Specifically, The Cottage Surgery is able to provide true release from the pain associated with Sports Injury. Notably, the PBK provides both relief from the pain associated with the injury and vitally, provides accelerated healing due to the regenerative properties it brings to the damaged tissue, all WITHOUT a dependency on drugs.

UK and European football teams such as Inter Milan use the PBK system to ensure injured players get back on the pitch fighting for their team faster than ever before, so why not bring this advantage to your game!

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