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The Cottage Surgery has invested in a Nicolite Laser designed to assist people to stop smoking. They offer a money back guarantee if the treatment fails.

The Nicolite is a low level or ‘soft’ power laser, used to painlessly induce a bio-stimulative effect that targets areas of the body related to addiction. 

In addition, natural chemicals in the body called endorphins are released as a result of this stimulation. This effect helps to combat the bodies need for nicotine and naturally reduce physical symptoms. The Nicolite uses no drugs to replace nicotine but it helps the body naturally. The effects can be dramatic; in some cases within one week it has totally eliminated the craving for nicotine. The treatment has no known side effects.

Stopping smoking takes will power and there is no magic alternative to this but, the Nicolite reduces the cravings for that next cigarette. Treatment usually takes less than ½ an hour per treatment which means you do not have to take time off work. Treatments do not affect the ability to drive a vehicle or operate machinery.

The Surgery is not able to guarantee success but evidence shows this treatment is effective and therefore thay have no hesitation in recommending it to their clients. Until this treatment becomes more established in the UK, the surgery is willing to back up its faith in the product by offering a money back guarantee.

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