Laser Hair Removal for Men

Treatments for Men

Long term hair removal has become increasingly popular for men over the last decade. A substantial proportion of The Cottage Surgery's patients are men wishing to remove unwanted facial and body hair.

Staff have gained substantial experience over many years by assisting in male grooming, body building performance enhancement and the combating of medical issue hair removal for men. 

Importantly,The Cottage Surgery has perfected long term Laser Hair Removal for men with darker skin tones. Common laser technologies struggled to provide effective outcomes for those with darker skin without the possibility of removing or occasionally increasing skin pigment (Hypo or Hyper Pigmentation) or burning the skin. Historically Laser Technicians had to reduce power to avoid such complications, thus not always providing the most effective long term hair removal. 

The clinic’s recent investment in the best Hair Removal Lasers, utilising the Cynosure Elite Nd-Yag system, coupled with many years of valuable experience has resulted in The Cottage Surgery becoming the regions first choice for successful and more importantly safe, long term hair removal for those with darker skin tones. 

Unlike most Laser Hair Removal specialists, The Cottage Surgery also have the experience and latest technology to remove grey, white or light hair, Please call to find out more.

Whilst confidently offering superior outcomes for both medical and aesthetic laser hair removal on all areas of the body, The Cottage Surgery also believe in providing these at competitive rates in a confidential and caring environment.

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