Dermal Filler Treatments for Mature Skin

Mature Skin

Dermal Fillers are just a part of The Cottage Surgery’s tool kit focused on the task of reducing the evidence of ageing found in all skin as it matures. Staff at the surgery bring experience and expertise vital to this specific treatment. Already an established stand alone treatment, dermal fillers can be combined with Anti-ageing programmes to great effect.

Dermal Fillers are advanced product formulas that effectively ‘fill-in’ existing wrinkles, or enhance natural features such as lip outlines.

There are three important factors to consider in order to ensure the best natural looking results:

Firstly, using only the highest quality of injectable product purchased from a recognised and reputable supplier.

Secondly, the practitioners skill and experience in choosing from the many grades and types of filler to best suit individual patient's needs.

Thirdly, the level of skill and experience held by the individual that injects you.

The specific skill and actual experience necessary for practitioners to perform this delicate procedure with competence and confidence are of paramount importance. The visual difference in outcome can be huge, as evidenced in recent press coverage. The Cottage Surgery have the necessary skills, products and care standards in place to ensure that the outcome of your treatment, will be the one you expected and are happy with.

The Cottage Surgery use only the best quality of product and practitioner and they don't charge Harley Street prices.

BEWARE, many individuals or companies offer cut-price dermal filler treatments, invariably they inject smaller amounts, use inferior products and at higher dilutions. This will substantially lower their costs, reduce the overall effect and shorten the time between treatments.

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