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Muscle relaxing injections, widely known as 'BOTOX' have become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world. Gone are the days when very few ‘ordinary folk’ were aware of the ‘magic’ of keeping the wrinkles at bay.  BOTOX is now an increasingly popular choice for ordinary men and women wishing to look younger.

The Cottage Surgery:

ONLY use the original and undisputed best product by Allergan

ONLY inject at the correct dilution and correct amount required to achieve the desired result

ALSO include a free two week review.

BEWARE, many individuals or companies offer cut-price Botox treatments, invariably they inject smaller amounts, use inferior products and at higher dilutions. This will substantially lower their costs, reduce the overall effect and will lessen the time between treatments. 

The Cottage Surgery use only the best quality product and practitioner and they don’t charge Harley Street prices.

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