Tips for avoiding Sun Damage this summer.

Summer means lots of fun with family and friends in the sun and warm rays.

However, as fun as it may be you need to careful how much time you spend in the sun. Overexposure can lead to sunburn, sun damage, premature ageing of the skin and even skin cancer.

The most damaging time to be in the sun is between 10 am and 4 pm during the height of summer. Tell-tale signs of sun damage are lots of freckling of sun spots on the skin, wrinkles, redness and heat rash. People with fair skin and light eyes are most at risk e.g.: those with red heads and blondes. Daily sunscreen of SPF 30 – SPF 50 is required if you are to be in the sun for a period of time.

Here are some tips to protect your skin this summer:

Moisturise - The heat and humidity will wreak havoc on the skin. Moisturise with SPF before going out in the sun, use after being in the sun and before bed to keep skin hydrated, soft and smooth.

Keep hydrated – drink bottled water throughout the day to prevent dehydration.

Exfoliate – exfoliate once or twice a week to help shed dead skin build-up. Doing so helps rejuvenate skin leaving it softer, brighter and smoother.

If you have suffered sun burn, sun spots, wrinkles or sun damage and would like to discuss with a specialist, book a free consultation with a friendly member of the team.