Laser treatment – The way and the light!

Twenty years ago, many were unconvinced by the benefits of laser treatment due to the lack of sophisticated technology, side effects and the high cost of treatments.

Now laser treatments are the latest hot trend and are used for acne scarring, hair and tattoo removal. It’s also used to treat an array of skin conditions such as Rosacea, Thread Vein Removal and Birthmark Removal.

Laser and light treatments are an evolving exciting new trend and new treatments are being improved and revised and becoming more readily available. The best treatments combine laser and light at the same time such as Telangiectasia treatment which uses both NLite and laser therapy to reduce the appearance of thread veins on the body which can be caused by exposure to UV light or extreme temperatures.

The advancement in technology has allowed for a variety of different types of lasers - which is of huge benefits to patients as no one size fits all and what works form one will not necessarily work for someone else. For example, the level of laser wavelengths used will depend on a person’s skin tone and the severity of the problem being treated.

Laser Hair Removal - involves a direct beam of light on the hair follicle and is a gentle, fast and effective was to remove unwanted hair permanently.

Tattoo Removal – millions of picosecond lasers are used for tattoo removal and depending on how complicated the tattoo is and if its coloured in or just black and white will depend on the level of pain and sessions needed for effective removal.

Acne Treatment – can involve using light active gel and illumination of multi-wavelength high intensity LED light for 10 minutes, twice a week for 6 weeks to kill bacteria that causes acne and enhance skin recovery and healing.

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